Supply Chain Services

Shenzhen AWS Tomax Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (English abbreviation: TCSM) is a service-oriented company specializing in high-end supply chain business. At present, the products imported and purchased by the agent mainly include: instrumentation, laboratory equipment, mechanical equipment, accessories, testing Equipment, minerals, high-grade wood, chemical materials, printed circuit products, etc. The company is qualified as a general taxpayer, completes various documents and procedures, legally operates various import and export businesses, and provides customers with safe and reliable international trade support services!

At present, in addition to its own normal international trade business, in order to meet the special needs of customers, the following two aspects of business cooperation are provided:

A. Agency import service:

1. The company assists in the production of customs declaration documents according to the customer's instructions

2. Act as a business unit to declare and pay customs duties to the customs

3. Arranging the import transportation of goods and agency inspection

4. Assist customers to pay foreign exchange

We provide original customs tax invoices (including customs declaration forms), copies of bank remittance payments, and agency service invoices

B. A full set of import supply chain services:

1. Acting for clients to sign international trade contracts with foreign businessmen (US dollar contracts)

2. Sign domestic purchase and sales contracts (RMB contracts) with domestic final customers

3. Arrange for foreign exchange purchase, payment and collection

4. Arrange import transportation, customs declaration, customs duty payment, door-to-door delivery and settlement

We issue VAT invoices and provide copies of customs declarations

C. to provide customers with capital flow, information flow, logistics integration solutions:

1. Our company has a good relationship with many large state-owned banks, and the bank's credit line is high. We can provide customers with services such as letter of credit business financing within 10 million yuan

2. Our company has overseas suppliers of medium and high-end brands in electronic materials, experimental instruments, testing equipment, etc., and can provide information services such as product recommendation and industry information

3. Logistics integration, providing comprehensive services such as overseas import transportation and cargo insurance